We offer a wide range of services in the fields of structural engineering, interior design and landscaping. Our business practices are fully licensed and our team of highly qualified professionals consistently provide the highest level of service. They are the most valuable capital of the company.

Julia Azamatova architectural bureau- your reliable partner in the field of design and engineering.

Our direction - the design of residential and public buildings, as well as interior design. We have implemented several new projects in the territory of our country, and have now gone beyond it and are successfully cooperating with customers from Europe and the USA. In a relatively short period, we have managed to establish ourselves as a reliable partner and a responsible executive in matters of cooperation with private persons and legal entities. We rightfully occupies a high position among companies providing services in the markets of design, construction and improvement. We can provide professional help at any stage of the project - its construction, reconstruction and modernization.

We work with:

● the private housing sector, including the elite sector (houses, apartment buildings);

● the design and construction of administrative and public buildings (offices and business centers, sports complexes, hotels, restaurants, etc.);

● Industrial and manufacturing facilities.

The company's founder is Julia Azamatova, an architect with more than 8 years of experience. Her favorite styles are empire, american classic, minimalism,loft. Among her hobbies are painting, piano, design. Even though painting is just a hobby, one of her paintings was acquired by a collector from the United States. "I consider my profession unique, since it is located at the crossroads of the latest technology and the arts."

Julia Azamatova


Development of architectural concepts of residential buildings for one of the urban environment target models in accordance with the Standard for Integrated Development of Territories. Developed by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (National Institution for Housing Sector Development Foundation) in cooperation with KB Strelka.


Marketplace in refugee settlement in Zaatari camp, Jordan. The project was conducted under the aegis of the United Nations, the organizer was the public organization International Development in Action. During the development of the project, we conducted serious studies not so much in the field of design, but sociology and logistics. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant and difficult projects of our bureau.


Installation/Art object on Adolf Hitler's birth house site. Proposed for Austrian Goverment.
This project was shown on Vienna Biennale 2017


Shelter/retreat cabins for tourists. For CDS NORD


Creative space in Tokyo, Japan


Project of medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, USA. In June, 2016 we were honorable mentioned for this project.


Project of private house in London's green belt. We call our style as "Modern geometrism"



Interior of the loft apartaments in the center of Saint - Petersburg. We have created characteristic atmosphere, enveloping and relaxing, while not devoid of sophistication and luxury.
The project uses a mix of different textures: concrete, velvet, coarse plaster and black glossy surfaces. Dark colors give the space depth and help to look more presentable to the interior. The backlight and accents of soft furniture refresh it and bring lightness.
One - room suite is made in light colors. We were inspired by New York apartments and imagined the owner of the apartments as an adept of urban life, leading a rich social life outside the house, and wanted to make the interior as simple and clean as possible.
The main highlight of our design concept is the planning solution for a two - room suite. We believe that it is best to admire the northern views of St. Petersburg right from your bathroom! This trend has long won the hearts of the whole world, including ours.
This rooms presented in more luxurious textures, a glamourious atmosphere, refinement in every detail.




Artworks & Custom made


Interior Design
First to clarify - when we speak of "Interior Design" we use the term more for the convenience and understanding of the customer. We prefer a slightly different term - "architecture of interior spaces."

Design is closer to the way the color of your wallpaper matches the color of your coffee table, and whether it fits into the overall table setting. Every design is based on the specific features of the premises.
For example, in the US, where some of the most stringent (if not the most stringent) design and construction requirements are, any design project can not be agreed upon without the participation of the architect. If any element of the decor will fall on a customer's head, it will cause serious problems, claims, loss of reputation …

So, what is interior design and what does it do?

● In our view it is an enhanced scheme which allows the customer to decide on the future shape and appearance of the interior before construction or renovation work begins, which will save on unnecessary expenses due to changes. Modern computer programs allow you to create photo-quality images.

● A competent design significantly increases the investment attractiveness of the property.

● The ability to adjust estimates and choose the best one from a financial point of view.

It is important to create a space that in the absence of it's contents will not lose its zest and which can be easily transformed with the change of its functional purpose or customer tastes.
Using materials that have the properties of "decent aging" allows the interior to not lose its sense of style after time and adds to its charm.
A good design is not a deliberately complex distribution of plasterboard space, which often masks the lack of competence in design. A good design is rather the purity and clarity of well-chosen solutions.
We are ready to develop a successful design project for you, from the initial concept to the working documentation for its proper implementation.
Modern computer programs allow you to make changes and additions to the shape of the designed objects and spaces almost in real time, saving you a headache later in the construction process.
Naturally, the interior design is not only the pictures and drawings. Quality implementation is no less important than the project itself. Together with our partners we are ready to fully equip your facility - all design and functional materials, furniture, plumbing and final artistic works, including home cinemas and sound systems.


Real Estate Specialists

The appearance of properties directly affects their value. For professional realtors, we offer services

for the reconstruction and repair of interiors and exteriors in order to increase their attractiveness.

Furniture manufacturers

We interested in collaboration with furniture and interior manufacturers from Europe, America and Asia

Galleries and Art dealers

Works of art are the crown of any interior. And that's it.

The principle of our work is mutual respect and responsibility.

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